Benefits Of A Day Of Wedding Coordinator

(and why you can't afford NOT to have one!)

This blog post is for the bride or groom or family of the couple who is on the fence or having to prove a point as to why they need to have a wedding day of coordinator at the very least for their special day.  9 out of 10 times I have a FREE meet and greet with a client, I book them.   For those that I do not book, it's generally because they either:

-A- thought they needed a day of coordinator but in fact actually realized that they needed a wedding planner or

- B - because either of the couple members or their families do not see the value in the service.   Here are the top reason why you can't afford NOT to have  wedding coordinator.  I trust that this helps make the decision easier :) 

1. It's like hiring a best friend for the day

This is one of the first things I tell a potential client when they ask what it means to have a day of coordinator.   Hiring a day of wedding coordinator truly is like hiring a best friend for the day.  You get to ask me to do whatever you need, and you don't owe me any other then my paycheck at the end of the night ;)

The most affordable purchase for your special day. 

2. Main Point of Contact For Your Professionals

It's inevitable that things will come up the day of the wedding onsite and people are going to have questions.  The DJ, Hall, Decor company, Floor Manager, Guests, etc. will all have questions that come up, regardless of all the pre communication and planning.   A day of coordinator will alleviate the number of people coming up to you on your special day and weed out the non critical questions so that you can enjoy your time.  

3. Mitigate The Madness

You've likely spent the better part of year planning your special day.   Surely all goes smoothly and off without a hitch.  But what if it doesn't?   Whether is the cake that doesn't arrive to the right hall or the limo driver who's gone MIA, a day of coordinator can take care of those sudden things that should come up.    We have the expertise and professionalism to handle any situation that should come up, and we are a neutral 3rd party who can step in to take the situation by the reins as needed.  

4. Take the edge off

Your bridal party and yourselves are likely exhausted from all the pre planning.  The day of the wedding is YOUR TIME to ENJOY yourselves.   Having a day of coordinator saves your feet, time and frustration; allowing you to enjoy yourself.

5. Professional Knows Best

As a young couple, you have likely only been to a handful of wedding at best.   You may or may not have actually been in a wedding yourself to know the in's and out's on how a typical flow of events occur.   A professional Day of Coordinator knows how to deal with all the little things that come up and are inevitable i.e. your receiving line takes a little longer then anticipated, thus pushing your reception back.  Dad wasn't ready in time for his speech, so we have to switch to another activity to make up time.   Your professional will work with you to make game day decisions.  

6. Your Eyes & Ears When You Aren't There

While you are at your ceremony, you are generally offsite while a lot of your important deliveries and set up are happening.  During the reception, you will likely be sitting up at your head table.  At some point, you may even sneak off to take some more photos.  Who are your eyes and ears when you are not there?   From being there for these times to even the small things like checking with your guests during the meal to ensure that all is well and that dietary restrictions were properly accommodated, to making sure that the guest bathrooms are being well maintained by your hall, there are the little things that help make your special day that cut above and that a Day of Coordinator assists with. 

7. Keep Your Items Safe

A lot of couples are making a lot of their own items for their special day and have brought in a lot of their own personal items in terms of decor.  A Day Of Coordinator assists with the set up, tear down and safe packing of all your belongings, so as to ensure that things don't get left behind.  I find a lot of my clients are able to save money from their decor companies by having the option of getting their Day of Coordinator to assist with a lot of the post event tear down.  

8. We Deal With The Awkward Stuff

Does uncle Bobby get a little"excited" when he's had a few too many? Are the some guests that don't quite get along to look out for?   Is your dad likely going to need a tissue during his speech?   I hear it all as a Day of Coordinator :)  Going back to the topic of "hiring a best friend for the day", as your Day of Coordinator you can tell me all the awkward stuff to keep and eye out for on your special day so that you don't have to deal with it.

9.Enjoy your special day

Most importantly, having a day of coordinator allows you to enjoy your special day and take the stress off!

10. Most affordable purchase 

I have clients who spend more on their wedding cake then they do their day of coordinator :)    Most are fairly surprised by how affordable having a day of coordinator actually is.  

Looking forward to the possibility of working with you on your special day.