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This blog was designed to be a raw look into some of the venues & experiences I have had over the course of my 12+ years as a professional event planner.  It is important to note that I AM NOT ENDORSED by ANY of these venues.   The purpose of this blog is to have a candid professionals opinion on the GTA's most sough-after wedding & event venues.  I share the Good, The Bad and Ugly about each venue where there is something to be said.  I am not here to discourage / defame or promote any particular venue as I have no personal attachment or gain from any of these facilities.  This is merely a resource to potential clients and the general public.  We spend far too much time and money planning a special event.  Everyone deserves to get actual information on real experiences from venues. These are based on my personal & professional experience and not necessarily representative of others' experiences' with these venues.   On a side note, I am in the top 2% of contributors to Trip Advisor for my feedback and shared tips to people across the world! That has to be good for something?, right!  :-)

If you have any questions about a venue I have worked at or would like a professionals feedback, please feel free to contact me.  Happy to share my personal experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me!  I welcome them!


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