Kortright Centre Weddings

Toronto, Ontario

Now owned By Peter & Pauls, the Kortright Centre is a popular wedding destination that brings together the opportunity for a rustic inner forest wedding ceremony opportunity with an indoor or outdoor wedding reception.

What I Love About It:

The Forest Canopy Ceremony Site

If you are looking to literally get married in a forest but have other amenities and onsite reception venue, the Kortright Centre is your best option!  Nowhere else that I know of in the GTA has this true forest canopy setting, while still having some modern amenities like AV / Tech and Sound available out in the forest.  The Kortright Centre makes your forest wedding dreams come true by giving you that opportunity. 


The Back Up Plan Indoor Option 

If things do not go as planned weather-wise; what I love about the Kortright Centre is that they have a decent Plan B Venue right on site (the main hall) which you can resort to.   I had 1 wedding where we did have to move the event indoors due to extreme weather and it was great to have that option onsite ready to go!  This is a MUST with these more rustic / outdoor venue spots.  For cocktail hour they use the upper main level of the Centre and for the reception they use the lower level.   

The Garden Gallery Outdoor Venue 

The main reception venue of choice at The Kortright Centre is their outdoor gazebo area called The Garden Gallery.  It is essentially a wood Gazebo area attached to the main building.    I love the fact that you literally feel like you are outside for your reception.  The walls are loosely made of wood and lattice / mesh so you are still exposed to the elements which is actually quite nice for peak season weddings.  You can even locate your DJ /  Dance Floor and your bar OUTDOORS if weather permits.  They have a really nice bonfire pit also outdoors.

The Grounds

When you book the Kortright Centre, there is no need to go elsewhere for your photos.  They have SEVERAL locations onsite which make for amazing photo opps.  The best part is that the grounds are large enough that your guests also don't have to see you!

What I'm Not A Fan Of:

New By Peter & Paul's Ownership 

I hate to say it, but I've had nothing but problems and complaints from clients when working with ANY of the By Peter & Paul's venues.  The major issue is that they are just such a big company now that the level of customer service you get it very poor.   Be prepared if you book any of their venues, including Kortright Centre, that you will likely go through several "event coordinators" who are your main point of contact.    Promises and information get lost in transition.  They have high turnover rates within the company and you'll deal with many people.  They are strict on their rules and poor in their communication.   Especially since the Kortright Centre ownership is still new to them, a lot of things that previously were allowed / done have now changed.  I had a lot of unhappy clients during the transition of ownership. 

The Back Up Indoor Option Wow Factor 

If the weather doesn't work out in your favour, the WOW factor and overall optics of their main indoor banquet space vs. the outdoor Garden Gallery is HUGE jump in terms of feeling and decor.  Many clients are not happy with the carpeted floor and overall museum look of the indoor option.   

The Outdoor Garden Gallery Amenities 

Keeping in mind that the Garden Gallery is essentially a gazebo attachment to the main building, there is no heat, AC or other amenities that you can expect from a traditional banquet hall.  I've had many weddings there in peak season and that gazebo heats up REALLY BAD.  There are some space and ceiling fans that they bring in, but on a hot summers day, that area can be quite uncomfortable for guests.    Even with the doors open, its a magnet for flies and all the elements.    Just be prepared for the true outdoors experience with this venue.

The Parking Situation 

The main parking lot for your guests is quite the distance away from the venue itself.   I find this of particular concern late at night after the party is over and guests are walking back to their cars.  I find it quite far and dark and am a little freaked out myself walking back to my car at the end of a night working this venue.  I feel they should have better lighting and security at night walking this path.  In addition, the delivery route and road is quite tricky for vendors and suppliers to find.  Be sure if you book this venue to get the map and directions to your vendors in advance so that they can properly find their way around the back for drive up delivery to the venue sites.