To Jack & Jill? or NOT to Jack & Jill.... that is a HUGE question :)    Here's my two cents... 

*CONNIE RANT* My thoughts on the profit seeking jack and Jill (.....and let’s get real! It’s always about the money) ?

***i’d love your opinion and feedback on this too!!!***

I know .... I know.... lots of us do it or our friends / family plan the Jack and Jill “to help us”. BUT More times then not I have clients and their friends who take on the task of planning a Jack and Jill party in an effort to “make some money” for the happy married couple to be and the event actually ends up COSTING them more money and stress than what it was worth!!!

I once had a potential client call me cause she had to re-plan and rethink her entire wedding (including un-inviting some people!) because her jack and Jill didn’t make as much money as they had *hoped* and now she couldn’t afford the wedding she had planned (herself). She was looking for my professional advice on how to fix the mess she has gotten into. ?

So couples BEWARE. If your thinking about planning a DIY jack and Jill to help fund your special day, think again! Or be prepared for a lot of work and out of pocket money to get started and *Pray* that people come out with their wallets full.

The cost of renting a hall, hiring a bar tender, pulling a SOP license, special occasion insurance, hiring a DJ, games props, food, etc just to get you started alone really ads up quick and with generally no guarantee of how many will actually come out.

In addition — pulling off an event like this is no easy task! Ensure that your bridal party, friends, family etc is on board to help. I’ve often seen a lot of hurt feelings post jack and Jill because of what the happy couple to be thought others should have helped more with. They are often already stressed out from the jack and jill planning experience - let alone the wedding !

Me scrolling through social media before bed once again seeing desperate bridal party members online pleading for “donations” of items for so and so’s jack and Jill or “buck and doe” for us country folk sparked this post ?.

Now this seems to be more of a “Canadian” tradition and thing. Us Europeans - well don’t get me started on the extreme stags and showers !!! I’ll save that for later !

*rant over* heheheh

Id love to hear your thoughts on this !!

Buck and Doe Yeh OR Nay?