Working With One Of Connie's Associates

With the growth of my business and addition of Officiating Services, I have been *BLESSED* with the problem that is that I can only book myself so often :) Summer Saturdays and long weekends especially are the first dates to go!  Hence, I recommend potential clients looking to work with me direct to book 1+ year in advance!  As I transition more into the officiating role, my dedicated associates work with me as a team during events. 

Short of finding a way to clone myself so I can be in multiple places at once; after a lot of deliberation and planning I was *EXCITED* to announce back in 2019 to have taken on several associates under the Perfectly Planned Parties brand to join my team.  I have the most amazing power house of ladies working with me to carry on the PPP brand and I could not be happier!  We have maintained our 5-star rating and our customers are so happy!

If you have been offered one of my associates as an option for your special day, this Blog contains all that you need to know to put your mind at ease that you are still getting the full PPP experience! 


When I am not personally available to service your event; you will be offered the option of working instead with one of my associates for your Day of Event Coordination needs.  Each of them have a vast portfolio of experience.  Rest assured, you are working with professionals! 

You will be sent my associates' bios once I have confirmed their availability and interest in your project.  You can feel free to pursue those as you will and let me know who you would be interested in working with.   All of my associates offer a free meet and greet phone call / Facetime call or possibly an in person meeting in their area so that you can be rest assured there is a good CLICK!.   At PPP, we pride ourselves on a GOOD FIT and want you to make the most comfortable decision. 

You Still Work With Connie!

Leading up to your special day, I will still be your primary point of contact for all the planning of the little bells and whistles.  You will still work with me for ongoing consultation, questions, concerns, advice and also for your document creation.  This is a FREE service I provide to all my Day Of Coordination only clients so as to ensure that we have the most streamlined plans for your special day.  Quick phone calls, emails, facebook messages, texts etc. are ALWAYS WELCOMED!

Approx. 1 month prior to your wedding date, we will finalize all your wedding documents that we have worked on and a complete digest of all details will be transferred in knowledge by me to my associates.  Sometimes clients are still working out their details at this point in the planning process.  If so, that's ok!  We will still get those details to your DOC. It's normal for clients to still be having finalizing meetings with vendors etc. even the week of their special day.

You and my associate (your Day Of Coordinator), will further have a phone / Face Time / in person meeting to rest assure that everyone is on the same page. All documents are shared on a google drive for the group so everyone always has the most up to date version.   

The day of your event, your Day of Coordinator is the associate selected.  She has contact with me the entire night (as I am generally working a different event).   She will run your event as agreed upon; however we have the collaborative benefit of the TEAM knowledge and feedback; should anything unique come up for a second opinion. 

Contracting & Billing

Your event contract and agreement is with PPP direct.  Not with the associate.  The Associates are sub contracted staff under the PPP brand.   Bookings are still via my website and payments are direct to PPP.  My general policies apply.

All associates work under the Perfectly Planned Parties brand under a strick contractor agreement, including an NDA and confidentiality agreement.

Should you wish to tip your Day of Coordinator, we suggest that you do so in cash the night of your event, direct to the associate.      Gratuities are appreciated for exceptional service and are entirely kept by your DOC. 

Sick Policy

The wonderful thing about the TEAM concept is that, should the very unlikely event occur where any of us are ill; we ALL act as a back up to each other!  As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients, we always try and stick to the projects we commit to, however in case one of us is sick or injured to the point of not being able to work, its great to know that we have each other if needed :)