Alliston, Ontario

By: Connie Butera

Event Planner & Wedding Officiant

The Gibson Centre is a stunning little gem of an event venue, located in Allison Ontario that provides that sought after industrial feel for those couples it appeals to. The venue is best known for all its intricate detail and unique little spots, which make it the ideal space for your special day!

The Great Stuff!

The Look

If you are booking this venue, you HAVE to be into the industrial look and feel of the space.  You cannot beat the exposed brick walls, rustic wide-plank flooring, black iron railings and exposed timbers. The sheer stunning natural beauty of the venue calls for minimal decor need.  Allow its natural beauty to shine and save money by focusing on small details only to bring the space together for your special day. 

All The Unique Spaces

The thing I love about The Gibson Centre are all the amazing little spaces and rooms that are available to rent and use.  Whether you want separate spots for ceremony and reception, or even a separate place to get ready, The Gibson Centre offers so many options.  My clients have loved picking the perfect room for their function and having access to additional spaces based on their needs. 

The Grounds

Not only is the inside of this venue stunning, but the grounds are not bad either!  The venue has amazing sunlight that shines through the outdoors, as well as some quaint spaces on the property, perfect for onsite photos.  If the weather is not cooperating, you also have the benefit of all the stunning indoor spaces, worst case scenario. In addition, in town / downtown Alliston has some cute photo ops as well! 

The Customer Service 

Customer service and communication is KEY to having confidence in your venue.  I have to say, the venue and its management (a-hem Sara :) do an amazing job of keeping in touch with their clients and answering any questions along the way.  They always have someone onsite at your event to ensure that things are running smoothly and to assist. 

To Keep In Mind


Alliston is a small town within Simcoe region.  There is not much else in the area in terms of hotels, etc. if you have out of town guests.  There is not really public transport in the area or regular services of Taxi and Uber that I am aware of.  So all of your guests will require transportation to your event and to stay overnight in Barrie area , approx. 30 mins away.