Globe & Mail CenTre Toronto Wedding                 ~ A COVID 19 Phase 3 Wedding REview

Toronto, Ontario

August 2020

This past weekend I had the privilege of Day of Coordinating my first Globe & Mail Centre wedding, located in the heart of Down Town Toronto, Ontario Canada.   For those who follow my business, I am an award-winning wedding planner & officiant who runs this blog which highlights my candid and professional feedback on the venues that I work. 

This wedding was quite unique as it was one of the many that had been affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic which hit the world this year.  This wedding was initially supposed to happen back in March 2020, but the couple had to quickly reschedule for August 2020 when the pandemic issues arose.  Although I was personally hesitant to have a COVID-19 wedding so soon after reaching Phase 3 in Toronto, I think everything turned out pretty well considering.  Here are my candid thoughts on the COVID-19 wedding scene as well as the Globe & Mail Centre as a whole.


Location, Location, Location

If you are looking for a Toronto City wedding, you can't beat this location.  The Globe & Mail Centre is located right in the heart of city - close to all the nearby attractions, accommodations, night life and water front.  You really can't beat it!

The Views

Just check out these terrace views!!  Get married with the City of Toronto as your back drop.  If our city-scape tickles your fancy then you can't beat that views that the Globe & Mail Center Toronto offers from it's terrace.  You can opt to get married right on this picturesque setting.  You can also do your cocktail / social hour here.  Late at night, you can head back out here for some fun by night.  Its breathtaking and probably my favourite thing to say about the venue. 

Food Dudes

I have worked with this catering company many times at various major venues across the city.  I can honestly say they do a good job.  I wouldn't compare them to an Italian banquet hall by any means; but considering the spaces that they cater out of (and that the food is not usually cooked onsite with a kitchen), I think they do a good job.  Presentation and portions are always nice. They have professional staff.  I've always had a great floor contact from them.  No complaints. 


I was impressed by the level of staffing and service offered at The Globe & Mail Centre.  They had an elevator operator, lots of security, a head contact for the venue, a floor manager and then of course all the wait staff.   As a team we worked together to make sure that the event went off without a hitch!    It was valuable to them im sure that they also had a primary contact on behalf of the client in me as a day of coordinator :) 

The Space

I would say that the Globe & Mail Centre offers A LOT OF SPACE for guests.   The layout is very spacious; allowing you ample room for even a large wedding.   Perhaps it felt even larger because of the fact that this COVID-19 wedding was only about 50 people :)     In addition, I loved the large screens on either side of the room.  It made it perfect for special video presentations.  The entire room is wrapped by panoramic class windows which showcase the Toronto city.  


Parking & Location

I'm not a city girl myself so Toronto isn't really my personal thing.  I find these Down Town locations really difficult to find / get to.  When having a wedding, its extremely challenging arranging deliveries and getting all your "stuff" to your venue when yo have to park at a -2 parking level and then get up to a 16th floor using two elevators :)   Some might disagree with my thoughts based on the convenience of the location if you also live down town; but this is just my personal opinion and thought process as an event professional.  I'm always thinking of logistics. Personally i'd want to get out of the city. 

The Space 

Although the space is large and spacious and what furniture they do have it quite modern, I found the main event space itself to be quite "corporate and bare".  The space does call for lots of rentals and decor to really transform it into a wedding space.  My client didn't go nuts on decor and rentals.  They had a lot of simple DIY table top decor.  If you are looking for a more elaborate bridal look, be prepared to hire a decorator and get into some rentals to transform the space to your own.  Especially since its so large, it really does need to be filled with some details to make it bridal.  The Terrace is quite nice and filled with enough modern furniture and a fire pit to make it interesting. 

The Food 

The Food Dudes who cater to this venue do a great job as I indicated above; however it is your typical event catering.  If you are a European couple who is looking for larger portion sizes and higher quality food, this may not be the best choice.   Definitely opt for the  late night snacks.

COVID-19 Wedding Implications

Here were some differences because of the fact that this wedding happened during the Covid-19 phase 3 Pandemic.....

  • A strict GUEST LIST was enforced.  When you arrived at the main floor of the building you had to check in with the elevator attendant and give your name.  Only "bubbled together" people were allowed together in the elevator. 
  • NO FOOD OR DRINKS could be served while people were walking around.  All food and beverage had to be served while people were SEATED.  In order to get a drink, you had to SIT at one of the loungers or your chair. Then a server could bring a drink TO YOU.  As a result, service times on drinks was a lot slower then just waiting at a usual bar.  In addition, the cocktail hour apps had to be served on a little plate TO THE TABLE.  It sort of threw off the event flow as guests had to be seated early during cocktail hour to make that work.
  • MASKS were required at the event while walking around in all the public spaces i.e. halls, going to the washroom etc.  Just like at a restaurant, you could take off your mask only when at your assigned table spot. 
  • SEATING plan was very different during COVID.   No round tables.  Only large 6-8 rectangular were used.  Everyone was on an opposite corner of the table.  Only "bubbled" families could sit together.  
  • GUEST COUNTS were much lower.  Only 50 people at this wedding.  With the above new seating plan arrangements, the space was needed to spread people out. 
  • PHOTOS were done very differently.   No one could take a photo right beside the couple.  Everyone was "staged" 6' away from the couple in their photos and within their bubbles together only.  I'm curious to see how those photos turned out. We are accustomed to photos where people "squeeze" together.  This will be different!

Overall I think this venue appeals to Toronto City Folk :)  You really can't beat the location and views if this is your thing.  I think the venue overall was great to work with and appeals to couples who want the city skyline as their backdrop.

Connie Butera

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