All bookings made with me, via the online booking system are in the agreement to the following policies. 


Agreements are BETWEEN  ("The Clients") as outlined in the agreements


Perfectly Planned Parties & Officiating by Connie Butera ("The Event Coordinator & Officiant") & Associates working under the PPP Brand



This event order shall represent a written agreement between Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera (The Event Coordinator & Officiant) and any associates working under the PPP brand and The Client(s) .  As discussed, The Client is seeking "Day Of Event Coordination" services and/or Wedding Officiating Services only (as selected at the time of check-out and paid for) for their event.  Connie Butera and/or her associates understand their role will be that of an advisor and day of coordinator/officiant only. The clients will make all the selections of suppliers/service providers and do all major planning for their event.  This contract represents the services & expectations, as outlined and paid for online.

Day of Event Coordination Service Fees:  Standard Service Rates are as posted.  A minimum 8hour requirement can be split up among day of coordination services as well as pre / post event services / event administration work, meetings etc.  PLUS travel expenses & parking as indicated in this agreement.

Wedding Officiating Services:  Standard Service Rates are as posted for a 20-30 minute legal custom ceremony, as designed by the The Clients & The Officiant; using the pre-approved templates and materials discussed between the parties in advance.  Connie Butera is a licensed & insured ordained pastoral chaplain via the Sanctuary Family Centre Canada; legally able to marry clients in Ontario.   The Clients are responsible for obtaining their Marriage License in advance of the wedding and providing it onsite the day of their wedding and assume the cost of getting the license (standard practice).  Clients are to ensure that they are legally able to marry in the country in advance of booking and ensuring that they can obtain their license.  

Overtime:  "Time And A Half" will apply for all hours worked past 12:00 midnight 

Travel Fees: Travel fee does not apply the day of the event (to and from 1 Venue Location) within 1 hour drive of the coordinators / officiant's residence address and when minimum consecutive hours of service is being paid. Travel fees apply only when day of wedding errands, rehearsals, far away ceremony venues, vendor meetings, etc. outside the agreement apply and are subject to this additional charge.  Travel fees do not apply, unless otherwise discussed.  Travel fees will be billed via Google Maps total Kms Calculations, ROUND TRIP + travel time when it does apply.   You can calculate your travel fees easily online in advance.  Travel will be billed at the current Government of Canada billable travel rate amounts as posted (currently $0.70/km)

Parking: A FREE parking spot is to be provided for your officiant / Day of Coordinator in a public parking lot.   If FREE parking is not available, then paid parking in the closest lot becomes a PAID billable expense to the client. Because we oftentimes leave an event very late at night OR when officiating have to scoot out quick for another event, we kindly ask that if parking is an issue that you make arrangements for a reserved spot.

When booking Day of Event Coordination & Officiating services, clients have FREE ACCESS to Connie for ongoing quick questions, advice and feedback via phone, text, email, social media etc. Consultations & advice in excess of 10 mins or in person will be marked as billable time.  

Hourly service rates for Day of Event Coordination are applicable to:

  • any event related meetings required i.e. to review day of event schedule, meetings at venues or with vendors, etc.
  • any major email or phone correspondence or document review / prep, exceeding 10 minutes in length at any given time
  • running any wedding related errands such as picking up or delivering attire, supplies or equipment, documents, etc. Travel fees also apply to this service.

Overnight Accommodations:  When an event takes place more than 1.5 hour drive from the coordinators / officiants residence OR when services go beyond 1am; standard private overnight accommodations in a local facility such as a hotel or air BNB will be requested to be provided by the client to the Event Planner.  Personal accommodations at a friend or family members home will not be deemed acceptable. 

Service Rates for Day of Event Coordination Includes:

  • on-site day of event coordination services by experienced & professional event planner, per the client provided day of event schedule
  • free access to "quick" email and phone questions and suggestions as needed
  • referrals to preferred contact lists of vendors & preferred pricing where available
  • post event summary email or phone consultation of event outcomes and observations
  • access to day of event schedule templates and samples
  • consultation with Connie on Day of Event schedule and other provided planning documents 
  • review of client-provided wedding documents by Connie, prior to the event day, for the purpose of Day of Coordinator role

Subcontracted Associates (Day of Coordination)

When Connie Butera is not personally available to service your event, other professional sub-contracted associates under the Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera name will act on behalf of the company and service you as a client that day.   If Connie is not personally available for your wedding date, she will let you know when and if an associate alternate is being assigned to your project.   All associates are professional event planners, themselves with ample experience in wedding & event management.  They are professionals and work under the direction and guidance of Connie under the PPP brand and methodology.  Rest assured, you are in good hands :) 

Although Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera commits to assigning staff in advance, we also reserve the right to assign or switch the Associate assigned to your project at any time, pending illness and coordinator availability / staffing needs. 

All associates working under the PPP brand are under a strict non disclosure, non-compete and confidentiality agreement with Connie Butera and subcontractor agreement which are in alignment with these policies. 

What If A Team member Fall Ill and Is Unable To Service My Wedding?

In the very unlikely case that this should occur (this has literally NEVER happened in my 13+ years in this career); I am fortunate to have a team of other equally qualified associates who are more than able to cover for me as well as be affiliated with a network of many other wedding officiants.  Rest assured, a replacement will be made available with your notice and permission OR a full refund given (at your request).  

Payment Terms:

  • 50% deposit is due on min contract fee at time of signing 
  • Final payment on any remaining balances due at the end of event service completion on the evening of the event 
  • As with all your wedding vendors, gratuities are not mandatory but appreciated for exceptional service :) 

*final payment via cash or EMT*

Client Responsibly: *For Day Of Event Coordination Clients*

  • to provide a meal and seat for the Event Planner the day of the event (at the vendor table or in a separate area is totally fine!)
  • provide a complete & detailed "day of event schedule" with hour by hour instructions and major events to happen the day of event (template samples will be provided to client)
  • provide a contact list of all major vendors for wedding and an emergency contact.
  • provide a bridal party list (in order of procession), with names, relationship & face photo for major bridal party, family members, friends, etc. who play key roles the day of the event i.e. anyone in the bridal party, doing speeches, involved in dances etc.
  • to provide copies of vendor service agreements to The Wedding Coordinator, for the purpose of ensuring deliverables are the met the day of the event e.g. DJ agreement, Catering Agreements, etc.
  • to provide an Event Manager to do list with clear instruction for the day of the event.
  • to ensure that all items for set up by the Event Manager are clearly labelled and onsite in bins the day of the event.
  • ensure that all vendors & individuals involved in the various roles of the day are pre-informed of their roles, responsibilities and details concerning their participation, as per the day of event schedule
  • to advise The Wedding Coordinator of any important details & instructions (verbally & in writing) concerning anything that needs to be carried out the day of the event
  • to provide a "go to" person / contact the day of the event for any questions or concerns that might come up, outside the day of event schedule guidelines. (Suggest a close family members, relative, friend or even the Bride / Groom.  Note that this person will only be called upon for important decision making and questions only should they arise).
  • notify me in writing of any changes to the plans in a timely manner
  • To pay for services rendered, as per this agreement
  • to finalize with all your own vendors and provide them with all your final wedding documents as completed 

Wedding Coordinator Responsibility**:

  • to keep a time log of all billable time & billable travel time for The Client. The Client may request a copy of this log at any time & may request an estimate of time required for any given task, in advance of the time being expended for budgeting purposes. A copy of this log and final invoice shall be provided to The Client.
  • to carry out the day of event schedule & client requests in a professional manner and as client requested and per client provided instruction
  • to arrive on time and remain present on-site for the duration of the event, as pre-arranged with The Client
  • The wedding coordinator will use her judgement when taking action in regard to changes, weather, tardiness, non performance, unsafe behaviour etc., based on the situation, time limitations and/or your wishes. The Wedding Coordinator shall deal with any event related questions, decisions or recommendations during the event, per The Client provided requests & outlined guidelines (i.e. dinner service times, speeches, dances, etc.)
  • to keep in contacts with vendors onsite the day of the event

**In signing this agreement, we "The Clients" understand that we are hiring a Day Of Event Coordinator Only and that it is the clients responsibility to do the major planning of their event.  They shall provide The Wedding Coordinator with the above mentioned written documents and provide clear verbal & written instruction as to our wishes for the day.  In addition, the clients shall ensure that all of their vendors & participating individuals in the major events of the day are well informed of the plans in advance of the day, so that they are aware of their roles & responsibilities  the day of the event and that The Event Coordinator is merely ensuring that evening is happening as scheduled & planned.

The clients shall also understand that the Day Of Event Schedule & Instructions are a firm guideline for the day.  As with any event though, they understand that things may not go 100% as planned and that things may need to be adjusted slightly the day of the event, due to timing, presence or lack of presence of people, readiness of resources, etc.   In the unlikely event that this should occur, The Event Coordinator shall use her professional judgement as required to provide direction & instruction to the parties involved.  The "go to person" shall be informed of any major changes to the written plan and & seek approval as needed.  In any decision making, The Event Planner will be mindful of The Clients wishes & requests for the day and use professional judgement.

Wedding Officiating Client Responsibilities 

  • to obtain and pay for the marriage license, in advance of the wedding date
  • to ensure, in advance, that they are legally able to marry in the country i.e. no issues with past Divorce out of country or lack of Divorce certificate, immigration issues etc. 
  • to provide the wedding license the day of the wedding to the officiant
  • to provide 2 witnesses for their marriage
  • to complete the wedding ceremony template document at least 2 weeks in advance of the wedding date, with the assistance of the Officiant and select all appropriate readings, music etc. as outlined
  • to ensure proper audio is onsite (if required) for the officiant and tech support. Otherwise the Officiant will use her best projection voice to deliver the ceremony
  • to ensure that there is back up ceremony location in cause of unmanageable outdoor weather
  • to provide a primary point of contact 
  • to follow up with the ministry directly, approx. 3 months after the wedding on the status of their final marriage certificate & apply / pay for said certificate 
  • to ensure that marriage license is onsite the day of the wedding
  • to ensure that ceremony begins on time (a standard 20 minute grace period is included in your price.  Late ceremony starts beyond this are billable for late start at a rate of $100/hr with a 1 hr min surcharge for late starts beyond 1 hr.)

In the event that your wedding ceremony runs excessively late OR your ceremony time changes....

Please note that Connie generally schedules officiating work to allow for common small delays and travel time between services.   With that said, delays or changes to ceremony time beyond 20 minutes will be accommodated where possible with the billable late charges; however Connie cannot be late to someone else's contracted wedding ceremony  time if your ceremony runs excessively late for any reason.  Connie is not responsible should your service time need to be cut shorter in order to accommodate servicing another event on time. In the unlikely case that Connie must leave your event due to your ceremony running extremely late and her needing to attend the next wedding, Connie will provide a commitment celebration ceremony for a friend or a family member "to officiate" in lieu on her behalf and a legal signing service will be offered at a later date and time back at Connie's home office location to do the legal basics.  Please read my website further about what a Commitment Celebration entails, as the wording and legalities of the ceremony that a friend would be able to "officiate" are different.  Alternately, if possible, Connie can re-return to your venue to coordinate the ceremony at a later time that day if you so choose and if its possible later that day.  Once again, late ceremony and additional travel charges would apply in this very unlikely circumstance. 

**Note that The Officiant is NOT RESPONSIBLE for delays in receiving the final marriage certificate from the ministry, due to back-logs in administration on the ministry end.  Once the ceremony is conducted by the officiant and paperwork filed, the Officiants Responsibility in the matter is complete.    A legal Register of the Marriage will be kept in the officiants wedding register indefinitely. 

Wedding Officiant Responsibilities 

  • to be present on time the day of the wedding.  Connie usually aims to arrive 15-30 mins prior to ceremony start time. 
  • to conduct the legal, onsite, wedding ceremony for the clients; in accordance with the laws governing my license and the agreed upon ceremony outline created with the client via the templates provided 
  • to file all completed ceremony paperwork and license with the local ministry 
  • to provide the clients with the tear off copy of their wedding license, immediately after the ceremony 
  • to maintain a copy of the marriage in her marriage register book

Event Cancellation & Changes Policies

In the unlikely event the wedding couple is forced to change the date of the wedding or cancel the wedding, every effort will be made by Connie Butera to transfer location reservations, sub-contractors and support the new date. The wedding couple agrees that in the event of a date change any expenses, including but not limited to deposits and fees that are non-refundable and non-transferable are the sole responsibility of The Client. The minimum contract fee will still apply.  The wedding couple further understands that last minute changes can impact the quality of the event and that The Wedding Coordinator is not responsible for these compromises in quality.

If the bridal couple changes the date/location of the wedding and the wedding planner is unavailable to provide services, then the wedding planner is released from all contract obligations and shall in no way be held responsible or liable for non-performance. The couple also forfeits all costs for non-compliance with this agreement.

Should Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera be unable to perform any specific tasks in the planning of the wedding, due to unforeseen severe illness or hospitalization, unearned fees will be refunded and we will do our best to find a substitute.  Connie does maintain a back up list of professionals to service her contracts in the unlikely event of illness.  This has NEVER been needed to date :) 

Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera is not responsible for any "Act of God" events preventing the wedding to happen, such as fire, flood, earthquake or any other natural or human acts.

What if I choose to cancel services?

If a client chooses to terminate their contract at any time during the planning process; fees for services rendered will be due and the client forfeits their initial 50% deposit for us having held the date and providing services and resources to date.

Third Party Vendors

Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera maintains a preferred vendor list of professionals in the industry.  Many I have worked directly with on numerous occasions with only positive experiences.  With that said, I cannot be held responsible for any supplier/service provider’s performance or product.  Contracts and service level agreements between my Preferred Vendors & The Client are solely between those two parties and does not involve Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera other than a professional recommendation.  I do not accept commissions from any of my preferred suppliers.

Portfolio Photo Release

The bridal couple gives permission and shall allow Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera to use any photograph of them, the wedding ceremony/reception setting for viewing on our website for promotional & portfolio purposes only.  The photographer’s name/website will be promoted underneath the photos (if applicable).  The Bride & Grooms First Names will be used only with no other identifying information.  Perfectly Planned Parties by Connie Butera gives permission and shall allow the couple to use any photographs/videos in which the wedding planner appears in return.


Please sign one copy of this letter and return it to me along with your deposit payment ONLINE. 

I wish you all the happiness in the world and look forward to working with you to make your wedding the most enjoyable and memorable day of your life.


Connie Butera & Associates

"The Event Coordinator & Officiant"


"The Clients"

Invoices will be issued and Payment receipts are provided automatically when paying online .  A final statement of account and invoice can be provided upon request. 

***In completing the BOOK ONLINE form, you are in agreement with the above terms***