A Pleasure to Meet you!

Hi There!  My name is Connie Butera and I am a self-proclaimed event planning geek :)    I've been planning both private and corporate events for over 12 years as a professional event planner and project manager.  Before becoming a mom and going off on my own, I worked for one of the top agencies in York Region.  I have worked with some of the largest labels in the business and have planned events across the world -- large and small -- including numerous weddings, conferences, trade shows, sales, corporate parties, expo's, fundraisers, surprise events and more!  I am a graduate of York University.  

I am proud to also have become an ordained Pastoral Chaplain and am now licensed to marry all couples in Ontario as a wedding officiant.

I would say that my niche is weddings --especially with budget brides looking to save some cash and DIY.  I love coming up with great, cost effective solutions and adding those personal touches to make your event truly unique.

In addition, I have  vast portfolio in Corporate Event Planning, having worked with some of the largest labels in North America! Have a look at my Facebook page to get a sneak peak.

Events are not just my business... its my passion!  I thoroughly enjoy what I do and working with my customers to pull their event off without a hitch!  I like to tell them that I'm sort of like hiring that best friend that you wish you had.... that did everything they should to help you for your special day, but that you don't have to return to the favour to one day :) 

In my spare time, I am also a proud mom to 4 children, wife, entrepreneur, health enthusiast and volunteer.  

I look forward to the possibility of getting to know you better.


Connie Butera

Event Planner & Licensed Officiant 



Facebook: www.facebook.com/PerfectlyPlannedPartiesByConnieButera